Blood Pressure & Pulse Diary

Your mobile blood pressure card

This app is a professional tool helping to collect, track and analyze your blood pressure and pulse measurements on a daily basis. Thus, it is a fully adequate blood pressure record card.

Easily add and edit your blood pressure. As a result, you will have your records always available.

This App classifies your records to the different stages of hypertension. You can visualize your measurements in different charts and save these statistics as snapshots to your camera roll.

Moreover, you can export your records as spreadsheet files to share conveniently with your physicians.

Create reminders to help you remember when to take your blood pressure and pulse measurements.

With the new version the app provides an interface to the HealthKit.

Full scope: The app is free of advertising. There are no In-App purchases. You got the full product.

How it works:

* Measure your blood pressure as usual with your blood pressure monitor
* Launch the app
* Enter your values
* Done!


* HealthKit Integration
* Easy storage of your blood pressure and pulse measurements
* Calculation of your pulse pressure
* Calculation of your stage of hypertension
* Easy addition of notes to each entry
* Export records in the format of CSV, MAIL or PDF
* Wifi Print
* Reminders
* Customization of your data range
* You can rotate your device every time to have a different look
* Visualization of measurements in graphs and statistics
* Visualization of stage of hypertension
* Saving of your statistics as snapshots to Photos

There is an easy and comfortable storage of your blood pressure and pulse measurements. Change values by simplified scrolling or tap on Systolic, Diastolic or Pulse to use a numeric Pad. There is also an automatic calculation oft the stage of hypertension.

This App classifies your records to the 7 different stages of hypertension (from Hypotension to Hypertension Stage 3, based on the WHO classification). The stage of hypertension is also colorized. You can have a look at the summary to see a quantity and allocation of hypertension stages within your selected time period. You can also save the summary pie chart to your camera roll.

Further, the App shows your measurement history. There are two types of displaying: standard and grouped!

* Standard:
The standard display prepare your systolic records in a chronological order.

* Grouped:
The display will prepare your records in a timeline and groups the records by day. For each day the chart will show the highest and lowest systolic value.

There is also the classic diary log. With the logs you will get an overview of all your records. The logs are sorted by date, the newest record at the top. With the search on the top of the logs you can limit the display by entering a systolic value. The list will display only values that have a higher systolic value. Have a look at these values. You can interpret when these values occur - for example, only late at night or early morning after rising.

You can see a detail view for each record from the logs. Each detailed view shows an automatic calculated stage of hypertension to you. If is there something special on these measurement, add a comment for a later interpretation. You can also edit your values here. If you like to delete a record, jump back to the logs and swipe from right to left to delete the selected record.

How we handle health data?
This app will not send any data from you to us. We do not collect your precise health data or any other information about you or your device. The stored records can be transferred to your HealthKit, if you use these options.

The information within this app should not be considered medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or criticism please don't hesitate to inform us.


A user guide of the app is available on our website, you can download it here » User guide (PDF)

Blood Pressure & Pulse Diary

Your mobile blood pressure card

App Screenshots

Screenshots of the app


Answers to common questions

Move with your finger from the top of the list to the bottom and let go again. Your display should update, a small „loading“ symbol signalises this.
If you want to delete an entry, chose the menu point „logs“. Swipe with your finger from the right to the left on the chosen entry. „Delete“ should appear in red. Click on it and the entry will be deleted.

A user guide of the app is available on our website, you can download it here » User guide (PDF)

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.