Agent Report for Ingress

Full control over your Ingress Statistics

With Agent Report you have the full control over your Ingress Statistics.

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You can save your agent stats screenshot directly from Ingress to this app. The app reads your screenshot and gives you detailed statistics and charts about your game. So you can see immediately how many AP you recently received, how many badges you have already received, how many links have been created, etc.
The success depends on the strength of your statistics. The app provides for you detailed statistics including charts, summary and history. You can add notes as well.

Full scope: The app is free of advertising. There are no in-app purchases. And even more, the app does not send your stats or screenshots to any server. Your stats will be processed and saved locally on your device only! This app is free for all people who love Ingress!

This is how it works:

I. Open Ingress and play. Click on "OPS -> Agent". Take a screenshot from "All time" with the share button. A share menu comes up.

II. At the first time: Select "more" on share menu and enable "Agent Report"

III. Choose "Agent Report".

IV. You can add a note, if you like. Click on "Post".

Now, that's it. Open Agent Report and see your statistics.

You can add older screenshot from your photo library. To do so, open the app Agent Report, click on + at the start and choose your screenshot from library.

What are the main functions?

* Import your agent statistics from Ingress
* Import your older agent statistics from Photo Library
* Create 15 different charts for yourself
* Statistics summary
* Detailed statistics with a benchmark
* Add optional notes to each statistics
* Guardian Portal Helper
* Theme Settings included: Neutral, Resistance or Enlightened

There is also a Guardian Portal Helper. You can add your portals, with date and location to recognize them later. This way you don’t lose overview and you know, who many days a portal has already been there.

How we handle your data?
This app will not send any data from you to us. We do not collect your precise Ingress data or any other information about you or your device. The stored records are only locally on your device.

This app is a fan app and it is in no way affiliated with Google, Niantic Labs or Ingress
This app does not affect the game.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or criticism please don't hesitate to contact us.


Agent Report for Ingress

Full control over your Ingress Statistics

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Answers to common questions

There is a Agent-Report Website.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.